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Demo post 1
Demo post 1
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  • 6/01/2024
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Demo post 1

I, my name is Mr. Robot.

As I grew up, I entered the faculty of ‘Computer Systems and Sets’ where I learned about how a computer is built, machine code, Assembler, Pascal, Delphi, Photoshop, WEB, and websites. I wrote my first programs using Pascal and Delphi. I posted the source code of my Delphi programs on my blog, which still works on WordPress.

Later, I taught myself how to develop websites using a regular Windows Notepad as my first IDE. Eventually, I learned about Notepad++, Sublime, and even VS Code. I became interested in Linux and its distributions, including Ubuntu, and eventually fell in love with Arch Linux.

I was drawn to the web because I wanted to show the world what I can do and be useful. I studied WordPress and its plugins, as well as ACF, kernel optimization, server setup for WordPress, Apache deployment, and enabling gzip compression on a local server. I find these topics interesting and set goals to learn how they work and achieve results.

First job

While growing up, I searched for a job and landed an internship at a company that specialized in WordPress website development. During my time there, I was responsible for managing website pages and communicating with backend developers. I found the experience to be very interesting and enjoyable, especially since I was being paid for it.

The company I worked for next developed business websites. They had over 100 sites written in HTML/CSS integrated into WordPress, but they were poorly optimized. My task was to optimize and integrate them correctly to ensure they functioned smoothly. After that, I worked as a freelancer.

Nowadays I successfully completed the task, and the client is satisfied, especially considering that the store brought in over 1000% increase in sales compared to their Instagram store in the first month after launch.

Mr.Robot is watching you. 🧐